Transparent and convenient price

We have two payment options - cash or credit card. There is also a constant basis of tariffs. For trips outside of Uzhgorod city there is a separate tariff

Everything is calculated by the system and you do not need to wait for the driver to sit and count your drive by yourself. Be confident in the transparency of our tariffs - because we value your trust.

What is Limejet? The easiest way to move around and out of the city

Limejet - This is the first Uzhgorod taxi with a mobile app - choose a route and follow the map in the app as the car is heading to you.

You will always ride comfortably - when choosing a standard or a business class, you can no longer be afraid of broken seats, broken window-lifts or boring chanson-radio - all our cars are modern, and you specify the driver's requirements.

Taxi LimeJet Phone app Phone app

Why Limejet? Because we have:

Такси LimeJet Each LimeJet car and passengers are always insured

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street Dokuchaev, 1, Uzhgorod, Ukraine

+38 (050) 500 1005